Warmer Homes team install underfloor heating

Ever wondered how underfloor heating is installed? Well take a look at our video of the Warmer Homes Heating and Renewables team fitting it in a beautiful local barn conversion in Thurrock.

In the videos you can see the team fitting Daikin Monopex underfloor pipes in a series of pre-designed loops which will be connected via a manifold to the air source heat pump (in this instance) or boiler. On the ground floor, the pipe loops are laid on top of insulation board and fastened using pipe staples, which is then covered with a thick concrete screed. Once dry and the system is operational the whole floor becomes one big radiator.

This is more difficult on a first floor or suspended timber floor, so our team have used a spreader plate system between the timber joists, which will radiate the heat below the surface of the floor board.

The work on the barn is ongoing but we will be posting pictures of the finished project over the next few months.


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