Why Summer is best when it comes to replacing your boiler

It may be summer but our team are as busy as ever installing new gas and oil boilers in Essex, Suffolk, London, Kent and the surrounding areas. We actually think summer is the best time to install a new boiler, and these are the reasons why:

You will still be warm while your boiler is being replaced

Take it from us, being without a boiler for any amount of time over the winter months is not fun. Although our team work as quickly and efficiently as possible, it sometimes can take a couple of days to fit a new boiler and not having use of a working boiler during this time can make life tricky. You can avoid this completely by choosing the summer months to upgrade your home’s heating system.

Availability of heating engineers

Although we try to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible, winter months are obviously our busiest time. We tend to have more availability and flexibility around timings during the warmer weather.

Avoid winter breakdowns

If you suspect your boiler is past its best, don’t wait till the winter to do something about it as this is when it is most likely to breakdown. Replace it during the sumer months, or at the very least have it serviced during the warmer weather, and avoid the risk of it breaking down when you need it the most.

Start saving money!

We all dread the winter energy bills dropping through the letterbox, but many modern boilers will actually help you save money on your energy bills. Switch your boiler during the summer months to an energy efficient model and you will start to see the benefits on your winter fuel bill, as well as feeling the benefit of the extra warmth an energy efficient model will give to your home.


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