Renewable Energy

renewable energy stockWarmer Homes Heating and Renewable Energy know that our weather systems are changing and the vast majority of scientists put this down to an increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is a view supported by governments and there are many incentives to promote the use of Renewable Technologies.

Warmer Homes Heating and Renewable Energy recognises the importance of these technologies and have introduced them into our portfolio.

We are accredited to install the following technologies:

– Biomass Boilers (boilers that burn carbon neutral wood pellets)
– Solar Photovoltaics (cells that generate electricity to run your appliances)
– Solar Thermal (panels that heat hot water for use in your home)
– Heat Pumps (pumps that take heat from the air or the ground to heat your home)

Installed with the same skill and care that we employ on traditional technologies the carefully selected products can offer a variety of benefits when compared with less sustainable fossil fuels (such as oil, LPG and Electricity):

– Government incentives such as the RHI or FiT payments to support the initial costs.
– Savings of up to 70% on heating costs.
– Dramatically reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Warmer Homes Heating and Renewable Energy can help you to determine the technologies that are best suited for your home and lifestyle and to access grant and incentive funding.

Renewable Energy


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