Are you paying too much for your energy?

According to Competition and Markets Authority, two-thirds of UK households are paying “over the odds” for their energy compared with those who have switched to a different tariff.  And in a new report published today, Ofgem pledged to co-operate with suppliers to help “disengaged” customers on expensive standard variable tariffs to shop around more.  One way they plan to do this is to trial more effective prompts on customers’ bills to encourage them to compare different tariffs.  Ofgem said the proposals were an “opportunity to deliver a more competitive, fairer energy market for all consumers”.

So are you paying too much for your energy bills?  Take a look at one of the many switching comparison websites such as Which? Switch, or any that are signed up to Ofgem’s Confidence Code.  You can also phone the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 040506. They will send you a factsheet with the deals available in your area.

To make sure you get the best deal, you’ll need to know:
• The name of your current supplier.
• The name of your current tariff, usually found on your bill.
• The amount of energy you use.
• How you currently pay, and would like to pay with a new supplier.
• Your postcode.

If you decide to switch you will be asked by your new company for a meter reading. This is to make sure you are billed correctly.  Your new supplier will work with your existing supplier to make sure you’re billed for any money that you owe and will let you know when your contract starts.

Energy companies work together to make switching as quick as possible and the process takes maximum of three weeks from start to finish.  There will be no interruption in your supply. It’s not necessary for your energy company to change pipes or meters and they should not need access to your home.


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