New research reveals one third of couples argue over thermostat

Have you ever argued with your partner about what temperature the thermostat in your home should be set at?  If yes you are not alone.

A third of UK couples have fallen out over the temperature in their home according to a new study published last week, mainly because women feel the cold more than men do. The average house has its heating set to 20’C, which is 4.5’C cooler than the temperature suggested for optimum warmth for women.  Countless studies have suggested that women are more comfortable in warmer temperatures than men. A 2015 study by Dutch scientists found that women are best off in around 24-25’C, 2.5’C warmer than the ideal temperature for men, while another study found that the average temperature of women’s hands was nearly 3’C lower than men’s.

Offices are often far too cold for women as well.  Most office air conditioning systems have been designed to accommodate an 11st 40-year-old man who has a metabolism which is up to 30% faster than a woman. And that means many women are forced to don jumpers and scarves indoors.

When we are installing a new boiler and / or central heating system into our customers’ homes we always work with them to ensure the equipment we fit suits their lifestyle and home, so that whatever your perfect temperature, you home will stay cosy and warm all winter.  Plus all our boilers are energy efficient so we will also help to keep your energy bills as low as possible


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