Love your boiler this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re calling on all our customers to love their boilers as much as we do and give them some much needed love and attention this 14th February.

Here’s four top tips for getting the best out of your relationship with your boiler:

– Take good care of it! We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. An annual service will help to reduce the risk of breakdowns, will help your boiler run more efficiently and, most importantly, will reduce the chances of your boiler leaking carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas which can kill you.
– Bleeding Love – While not technically your boiler, bleeding your radiators will help your system run much more efficiently. If your radiators feel warm at the bottom but cold at the top it means there’s air trapped inside them and you’ll need to bleed them. This can be done very easily, just follow the instructions by the experts at Worcester Bosch.
– Breathing space – Ensuring your boiler has plenty of space around it, with the right amount of ventilation, will allow it to work as efficiently as possible, helping to reduce breakdowns and cutting your energy bills. While it’s normally fine to house your boiler in a cupboard or attic, please check with one of our experts that there is enough ventilation around the boiler, and do not cram items in around it.
– Let it go – While we are all about celebrating our love of boilers today, sometimes things just don’t work out. Old boilers stop working efficiently, they cost too much money to run and the no longer give us what we need. When this happens, you should consider swapping it for a newer, more attractive model. For example, the new sleek and efficient Lifestyle boilers from Worcester Bosch. This new boiler range features a modern new design whilst being packed with innovative new features that help to keep your home warm and your boiler working at its best.

If you would like to talk to us about a new boiler and how it can help to heat your home more efficiently while keeping your bills low, get in touch with one of our team by calling 01375 489450. We’ll be happy to matchmake you with a boiler that’s perfect for you and your home.


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