Let the sun heat your water for free!

Not only are the Warmer Homes Heating & Renewables team experts in gas boiler installations but we also know our stuff when it comes to renewable heating sources, including solar thermal hot water heating.  But what does solar thermal mean and is it suitable for everyone?

Solar water heating systems use warmth from the sun to heat hot water. These systems use  solar panels, called collectors, fitted to your roof to collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up water stored in a hot water cylinder. This can be used alongside a normal boiler or immersion heater to make the water hotter, or for hot water when solar energy is unavailable.

So what are the benefits of solar water heating?
•Lower energy bills. As sunlight is free, once you’ve paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced.
•Hot water throughout the year. Even in this country, with its lack of sunshine, the system works all year round.  You may need to heat the water further with a boiler or immersion heater during the winter months.
•Lower carbon footprint. Solar hot water is a green, renewable heating system and can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

Is solar thermal suitable for all homes?
Before installing a solar thermal system into your home the Warmer Homes Heating and Renewables team will ask you to consider the following:

•Do you have a sunny spot for your solar panels? You’ll need approximately five square metres of roof space, facing East to West through South which receives direct sunlight for most of the day.  If you don’t have enough roof space the panels can be fixed to a frame on a flat roof or hang from a wall.
•Do you have space for a larger, or an extra, hot water cylinder? If a dedicated solar cylinder is not already installed then you will usually need to replace the existing cylinder, or add a dedicated cylinder with a solar heating coil.
•Is your current boiler compatible with solar water heating? Most conventional boiler and hot water cylinder systems are compatible with solar water heating. If your boiler is a combination boiler (combi) and you don’t currently have a hot water tank, a solar hot water system may not be compatible.

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