Solar Panel Myths Debunked

The team at Warmer Homes Heating and Renewables aren’t just experts in gas boilers and heating, but have also go a huge wealth of knowledge in all things relating to renewable heating and energy, with all our solar PV installers fully qualified.

Solar energy is a fantastic way of producing power for your home and it’s also possible to earn money at the same time, thanks to the Government Feed-in Tariff scheme. But it often gets a bashing in the media, and solar panels are still surrounded by an aura of suspicion and many have doubts as to whether they are a viable solution for their homes. So our experts have spent some time debunking some of the myths surrounding solar energy.

Myth 1: Solar panels only work in sunny climates.

This is wrong. There is no need for the sky to be clear and cloudless for the panels to generate electricity. Clouds may lower the efficiency of solar panels, leading them to generate a little less electricity than they would in a clear summer day, but the panels will work anyway. In fact the leading European country for solar panel installations is Germany, which is not known for its sunny or warm climate.

Myth 2: You can’t use solar energy at night, because the panels don’t produce any.

While solar panels don’t work during the night, since there is no sunlight to catch, but most solar systems are tied to the grid, allowing you to use traditional energy sources when the panels stop producing electricity.

Myth 3: Solar panels require maintenance and may damage my roof.

Solar panels need hardly any maintenance once they are installed. They are also very durable (their average lifespan is of 20-30 years) and do not damage your roof as they are not mounted directly on it but lie on a metal structure.

Myth 4: Solar panels are too expensive for an average house owner.

This is no longer true, thanks to government incentives. By benefiting from the free energy produced by your solar panels you will see a reduction on your energy bills, plus you will receive regular payments from the Government’s Feed-in Tariff.

Myth 5: I should wait to invest in solar, because it will become more efficient in the near future.

Solar efficiency has certainly increased since their introduction in the 60s, but technological advancements are not as fast as it seems. It is likely the next generation panels will be able to do more, but innovation will come in small steps. With government incentives still in place, now is a perfect time to invest in solar panels.


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